UR Pathway

Unique Recovery (UR) Pathway Support Group


We are looking for individuals who want to lend their voice to the development of a new recovery support group.

Through 1:1 or group one hour interviews, participants will be asked a series of questions to gain insight on what it is missing and needed in recovery supports here in Indianapolis.

Recovery Support Focus Group.png

centered around a communal meal…

UR (Unique Recovery) Pathway brings a fresh approach to recovery support groups. Free to attend, this recovery program was designed to celebrate the various pathways of recovery. We understand that recovery is unique to every individual and aim to create a space of community and support for those seeking healing from any mental illness (AMI), substance use disorder (SUD), and/or trauma. This includes but is not exclusive to: alcohol and drug addictions, bi-polar disorder, co-dependency, compulsive behaviors, depression, eating disorders, financial dysfunction and gambling, high anxiety, and sex addiction.

UR Pathway gives participants an opportunity to fellowship while offering mutual support and gaining a better understanding of themselves and others. Utilizing an eight (8) phase approach inspired by the Eight (8) Dimensions of Wellness by SAMHSA and serving as an alternative to 12 Step Groups, our meetings help individuals to tap into their intrinsic power to change their lives for the better.

UR Pathway is offered to adults, ages 18+ who live with AMI, SUD, and/or trauma.

Meetings will be hosted weekly starting Winter 2019.