At MRCI, our focus is on recovery from not only addiction and mental illness, but getting to the root cause(s) and facing past/current trauma(s). We believe in sustainable wellness practices that promote and positively support recovery, no matter the path.

Utilizing SAMHSA’s Eight (8) Dimensions of Wellness and Four (4) Dimensions of Recovery, our programs offer a comprehensive wholistic approach to Recovery that is culturally competent and tailored for Minorities and other underserved populations.

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Our Programs

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Sober socials

Maintaining a healthy social life while sober is one of the hardest parts of recovery. Alcohol and general substance us has been integrated as a regular part of our social culture in the United States, and continues to expand its reach. Even when it comes to networking, “happy hour” is a regular theme. That leaves us to ask: “What do sober people do for fun?”

MRCI helps to fill this gap by providing safe gathering spaces for those in recovery and their loved ones.


Every Third Friday




MLK Center - Indy


The L.O.T. Ministry

Inspired by the scripture, Matthew 25:35-40, and the fact that addicted and mentally ill persons, more often than not, experience homelessness. The L.O.T. Ministry is a Wholistic Peer Resource Center designed to meet the immediate needs of food and shelter, while providing peer support services to decrease the likelihood of relapse. The L.O.T. Ministry partners with local faith-based and community-based organizations in an effort to help individuals on the street and in re-entry to enter recovery.


Fall 2019


UR (Unique Recovery) Support group

Centered around a communal meal, UR Support Group is an intimate social gathering space for support that is not condition or pathway specific. This unique take on the traditional recovery support group, allows for authentic connection, honest conversation and genuinely celebrates all paths to recovery.

Coming Winter 2019

DOCUMENTARY - “amerikkkan minority: i am not crazy”

This film will highlight untold stories of the unique experience of minorities with addiction, mental illness and trauma in the Midwest. Putting a new lens on the origins of the KKK in Indiana, AMIANC gives a platform to voices of Indianapolis locals who have been impacted by these issues.

Filming will begin Summer/Fall 2019. If you, your organization, or someone you know would like to participate, click here.

“Given our history in this country, it’s a wonder we’re not all certifiably Insane.”

-Documentary Participant